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Army Training and Doctrine Command Culture Center (TCC) is a legitimate, experienced and, relevant partner of COTM and the culture network within the Army that focuses on cultures and peoples that influence, shape, and inspire readiness and operability.
Beyond aeronautical connectivity, the maritime sector has been a huge customer of COTM.
COTM is a time tested and proven means for successfully merging the two domains.
Ground segment and terminal analysis will include Multi-Frequency, Time Division Multiple Access (MF-TDMA) technologies as employed in the commercially successful Hughes HX satellite modem/router platform, currently available for multi-band COTM operations worldwide.
Airborne COTM frequency band and return-channel architecture are particularly important to ensure secure data transmission.
COTM, Satcom-on-the-Move (SOTM) or satellite communications on the move are seemingly used interchangeably in the satellite industry, according to Darin Anderson, Director -- International Business Development at ThinKom Solutions.
ThinKom s next generation Ka-band COTM terminals bring true world-wide broadband capability to government and enterprise users, with a smaller form-factor and higher efficiency than is otherwise available on the market today.
It also includes a COTM platform, which synchronises mobile devices and ensures that no time is lost, both on-site and between jobs.
Military and Government can be broken into two major markets: Fixed satellite communications and Communication on the Move, or COTM.
By maximizing availability and bandwidth savings with ATDMA on both the inbound and outbound carriers, agencies are better able to use airborne and COTM to meet their satcom connectivity needs whether for voice, video or data communications in the air, on the ground, or at sea.
The company s solutions are cost-effective, secure and scalable with Quality of Service (QoS) that is guaranteed to support the most critical missions including COTM, asset tracking, troop welfare, infrastructure design and operation, and civil security.
This move marks the second phase of GX terminal development for the US and other government markets by Inmarsat, who will now work closely with L-3 Datron to assess market opportunities for the development of COTM terminals over the GX network.