COTPCurse of the Pharoah (gaming)
COTPCaptain Of The Port
COTPCovenant of the Phoenix (gaming)
COTPConditional Offer to Purchase
COTPChampion of the People
COTPConnection-Oriented Transport Protocol
COTPChildren of the Past
COTPCommon Operational and Tactical Pictures
COTPCitizen of the Planet (Alanis Morissette song)
COTPCommanding Officer's Tactical Plot
COTPCommunications on the Pause
COTPChief, Officer Training Program
COTPCorrectional Officer Training Program
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DELNG sent a Letter of Intent ("LOI") to COTP Sector Northern New England on December 20, 2005, that it sought to construct an LNG import terminal and associated infrastructure in Washington County, Maine.
(68.) 33 CFR [section] 160.111 grants the COTP authority to order a vessel to anchor or to operate in the manner directed when, inter alia, he or she has reasonable cause to believe that the vessel is not in compliance with any law, regulation, or treaty.
An assessment of the vulnerability of the terminal or ship to each threat identified by the Coast Guard Captain of the Port (COTP) is required.
Ellen Zimet is an educational grants consultant for Los Angeles County, LAUSD, Saddleback USD, ABC School District, and Jostens Learning Cotp, among others.
Tanp u, cotp u, cscp u, and secp u are defined in the usual way:
(93) Written or electronic reports will be submitted to the Commandant of the USCG or to the appropriate Captain of the Port (hereinafter 'COTP').
If the new DOG can be taught some old (and new) MCM tricks, even if no more than mine-awareness training, the group's adaptable force packages could be the Coast Guard's "surge responders"--complementing the first-responder sector and COTP personnel already on scene--to an M/UWIED incident well in advance of Navy mine countermeasures forces that might require several days if not longer to respond, unless the threat presents itself in or near Charleston, Norfolk, San Diego, or Whidbey Island.
(298) Under Coast Guard regulations, the Captain of the Port ("COTP") (299) may regulate the specific time of entry or departure, establish vessels size and draft limitations, and restrict vessel operations, anchorage and movement.