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There are currently two types of Chinese visitors in Cambodia, Cotri said, including big-package tour groups spilling out of coach buses for sightseeing, shopping and endless selfies and small groups of self-organised tourists, mostly younger, English-speaking and more interested in the local culture and cuisine.
According to Cotri, a third group has evolved - the 'customised tour group'.
Cotri director Wolfgang Georg Arlt said after a decade of growing outbound tourism, more and more Chinese have not only the money but also the experience that enables them to clearly identify what they want to do while travelling with their friends, family or colleagues.
For Cambodia, the significance of the new opportunities to attract Chinese travellers lies not just in increasing the number of arrivals, but in keeping previous levels of income, according to a Cotri report.
They are then promoted by COTRI in China, attracting the attention -- and money -- of interested travelers.
Wolfgang Georg Arlt, director of COTRI China Outbound Tourism Research Institute, has recently given keynote speeches at China outbound tourism workshops in Wuppertal/Germany and Colombo/Sri Lanka and will give further advice during the COTTM fair in Beijing next week.