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Baim, Summary of Drag Flow Calculations for NTTSE and the CoTSE. Master's thesis.
(14), while studying residence time data produced by several researchers, noticed that the residence time in a CoTSE shows an inverse response to both screw speed and throughput.
CoTSE Acronym for intermeshing Co-rotating Twin Screw Extruder
Baim, Summary of Drag Flow Calculations for NITSE and the CoTSE, Master's thesis, University of Maryland (1993).
They observed a dye injection through the clear barrel of a CoTSE. They determined that the flowpath of the dye injection was a function of drag flow.
1 was collected by Kao and Allison (1) on a Werner & Pfleiderer ZSK-30 fully intermeshing CoTSE with a screw configuration consisting exclusively of two flighted conveying elements, At the end of the extruder was a two-strand die.
Data was collected by Puaux and Ainser (2) on a fully intermeshing Clextral BC21 CoTSE with a screw consisting of two-flighted conveying elements with two kneading disk elements and two reverse conveying elements.
The previous research on the partially filled COTSE demonstrated the percentage of channel fill was a normalizing parameter for distributive mixing.