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COTWClip of The Week
COTWCoalition of the Willing
COTWCat on the Wall
COTWCase of the Week
COTWConcept of the Week (various organizations)
COTWCommittee of the Whole (legislation)
COTWCreation of the Week
COTWChurch of the Week (various locations)
COTWCall of the Wild
COTWCovenant of the Witches
COTWCringe of the Week
COTWCatch of the Week
COTWCollaboration of the Week (Wikimedia Foundation)
COTWComposer of the Week (British Broadcasting Corporation Radio 3 Program)
COTWCastle of the Winds (role playing game)
COTWCars on the Web (remarketing company)
COTWCitizens of the World
COTWClub of the Waves (surf website)
COTWCow of the Wild (online animated series)
COTWCourts of the World (basketball website)
COTWCenter of the World
COTWColors of the Wind (Disney song)
COTWCousins of the Wize (band)
COTWCrush of the Week (also seen as COW)
COTWCall of The Warlords (game)
COTWContest of the Week
COTWConflict Other Than War
COTWCheerleader of the Week
COTWCreature of the Week (website)
COTWClans of the Waterfalls (role-playing)
COTWChurch on the Web
COTWCamp of the Woods Ministries, Inc (Chattanooga, TN)
COTWChuck on the Web (personal website)
COTWCurse of the Wookie (Star Wars)
COTWCourage of the Wolves (game)
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The first anniversary celebration of the Teleperformance COTW Village was highlighted by the inauguration of the community center that houses the SIBOL pre-school classroom, library, and multi-purpose hall.
I am also grateful to the residents of the Teleperformance COTW Village for their hospitality every time members of the company visit the community.
If you want your furry friend to stand a chance of COTW success in 2016, bear in mind we're looking for info about what makes your cat stand out from the crowd.
As if that wasn't enough to score him the coveted COTW crown (which it was), he also loves eating crisps, which he removes from the packets himself, one by one.
NAME: Oliver APPEARANCE: Fluffy SPECIAL SKILLS: I'm going to be honest here - Oliver is COTW mainly because I'm scared of him and don't want to make him angry by rejecting his application.