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COULCenter of Unconditional Love
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[C.sub.1]([E.sub.e])=(1 - [[lambda].sup.2])(1 + [[alpha]/2[pi]][[delta].sub.[alpha].sup.(Coul)]+[[alpha]/2[pi]][[delta].sub.[alpha].sup.(1)]+[[delta].sub.[alpha].sup.(2)] + [[alpha]/2[pi]] [e.sub.V.sup.R]) - [1/[m.sub.N]] [2[lambda]([[mu].sub.V] + [lambda])[E.sub.e.sup.max] - 4[lambda]([[mu].sub.V] + 3[lambda])[E.sub.e]], (7)
For instance, a control coul be programmed to run a customer's washing machine at night when electricity is cheaper.
The convoy set off towards the Black Isle, taking the back road towards Munlochy before passing through Rosemarkie and Cromarty, ahead of their lunch stop at Coul House in Contin.
Desinger Michael McDonough's vision for how the Royal Opera House, in Birkenhead, coul look, also below, right Images: MICHAEL MCDONOUGH/
His counterpart at KabelKiosk, Martina Rutenbeck, in turn said that by leveraging M7's expertise in platform operations, her company coul continue to grow its cable operations while speeding up its diversification into provision of IPTV and OTT services.
The Local Government Association warned repairs to bridges, roads and pavements coul leave town hall budgets in disarray.
I think if I lived in Aliwal I'd be putting my bed up on bricks so that Powerful Omar coul dn 't reach me.
The dad, from nearby Coul, joked: "I really thought my bosses had put the boot in this time.
Two of the famous Gl asgow hi ghri ses were still standi ng when the dust settl ed, meani ng l engthy safety checks were needed BEFORE frustrated l ocal s coul d safel y go home.
I t coul d mean a smaller hospital, possibly being extended at a later date.
The internet company claimed that if block exemption was scrapped, it coul;d sell a Ford Fiesta 1.25 for pounds 6,459 - pounds 1,742 less than at present.