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COUTHCouncil Of University Teaching Hospitals
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There is another element of the Ali G phenomenon, says Couth, and that's clever marketing.
The classic screen sex bomb certainly enjoys male company and Couth maintains this is an essential part of their appeal to men - and women.
Although it would be un couth for a monk who has been ordained in the Sakyapa tradition to question the authenticity of a Sakyapa patriarch such as Khenchen Sangay Tenzin, he need not be so cautious while discussing a practitioner that is neither monastic nor affiliated with the Sakyapa institutional hierarchy.
During the Christmas season, Harvey Couth didn't take a break from selling Arkansas.
SALAHAL-DIN/ Aswat al-Iraq: Police sources said here today that six civilians were killed late Thursday night and more than 20 wounded in three explosions in Is-haqi area, couth of the province.
Apparently, sporting jeans on stage at such a prestigious festival is just not couth for a renowned singer.
When he introduced Charlie, his best friend, to Angus, his lover, she behaved with couth and grace, yet her couth and grace, Dale knew, belied what she really felt.
These men were charming, couth and effortlessly sociable but, as I chatted to them, all that was in my eye-line were straining buttons and seams.
Like the London Evening Standard, which was sold the way football clubs get sold, as an impressive toy for a Russian oligarch, though this one speaks English, has a name one can pronounce and is anti the other oligarchs than whom he considers himself more couth and cultured.
The article, "Conservative Bully Boy," described Buchanan as "everything couth conservatives want to escape" and took aim not just at Buchanan himself --then contemplating a run against George H.
Words spelt at level below identified developmental stage Developmental Spelling gran (grain) smilie (smile) Lists (Ganske x 3) slid (slide) obsebe (observe) couth (couch) feed (fed) gite (quite) stode (stood) Natural writing fiset (first) sare (share) samples wat (what) felled (filled) skear (scare) antil (until) theree (three) beat (bet) wile (while) thow (through) cepe (kept) Written therd (thread) word sorting activities Editing activities keept (kept) hikr (hiker) mixtt (mixed) Words spelt at level above identified developmental stage Developmental spelling lists (Ganske x3) Natural tomorrow lining writing samples matter shaking hopping hopped Word sort activities Editing activities Table 5.