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COVADCombined Voice and Data
COVADCopper Value Added (company)
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Release, MegaPath, Covad, Speakeasy Merger Closes, (Sept.
TelePacific's acquisition of Covad Wireless will expand TelePacific's SMB services into the fixed wireless market with a complementary network footprint.
The agency further assigned a B- issue rating and 4 recovery rating to the USD165m (EUR118m) term loan B and USD25m revolving credit facility issued by MegaPath and Covad Communications.
(23) See, e.g., Wireline Broadband Order; Unbundled Access to Network Elements; Review of the Section 251 Unbundling Obligations of Incumbent Local Exchange Carriers, 20 FCC Rcd 2533 (2005) ("Triennial Review Remand Order"), affd, Covad Communications Corp.
Broadband is big business, and one of the biggest names in that business is Covad Communications.
McMinn, former product manager at Intel and founder of Covad Communications, electrified his vineyards and winery when he purchased Vineyard 29 and Aida vineyards and built the mountain winery two miles north of St.
Covad provides E-911 service on all of its managed VoIP phone lines.
Despite the costs, VoIP can help put small companies on a level playing field with their larger competitors, says Prakash Nagpal, director of management for voice at Covad, a national provider of VoIP services based in San Jose, Calif.
Founding members of the alliance include AT&T, CapNet, Comptel/ ASCENT, Covad, the Information Technology Association of America, and
* WiMax, a long-range service being developed by 70 companies worldwide, including AT&T, Covad, and Intel.
The company provides wholesale bandwidth, modem banks, and infrastructure services to a number of major US ISPs, including EarthLink and Covad Communications, both of which were hit by yesterday's outage.