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COVADCombined Voice and Data
COVADCopper Value Added (company)
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Partnerships with vendors such as Source 1 HTMT have allowed Covad to expand its services while maintaining strict financial discipline and continuing to focus on its most valuable asset - the customer," said Flinchum.
Covad offers high-speed broadband wireless to over 3500 businesses in five markets nationwide: Chicago, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Orange County and San Francisco.
Covad is a leading nationwide provider of broadband voice and data communications.
We chose Covad ClearEdge Integrated Access primarily because of its ability to dynamically manage voice communications, which is vital to us in order to continue conducting business in the event of a hurricane or other natural disaster in the Houston area," said Brian Blanton, of HIS Communications Services.
Lee Gopadze, vice president, Wireless Operations and Engineering for Covad Wireless, participated in a discussion titled, "Applications and California Initiatives That Expand Carrier Footprints.
Covad and CICAT's retail customers have similar requirements: to enable faster sales and new applications, without dramatically increasing network costs.
In his report, Lemelin recognizes Covad for its effective use of existing broadband distribution channels to market its voice solutions.
We are pleased to partner with United Online to provide its customers with high-speed Internet service and look forward to creating a successful partnership," said Charles Hoffman, president and chief executive officer of Covad.
This new network positions Covad at the forefront of telecom providers, allowing us to offer the solutions that businesses demand, and to continue our tradition of innovation," said Eric Weiss, Covad chief marketing officer.
Covad also announced today the resignation of Lisa Hook from its Board of Directors, on which she has served since November 2005.
Identity Manager provides role- and rules-based provisioning and enables Covad to set policies on users, organizations, resources, roles or groups, ensuring that its corporate security requirements are automatically enforced.
We approached Covad in July 2005 to fulfill our technology needs.