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COVERTComputer Vulnerability Emergency Response Team (PGP Security)
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Take the covert at once, for my Girchik says the Ilagins are at Korniki with their hounds.
The oasis of the Otradnoe covert came in sight a few hundred yards off, the huntsmen were already nearing it.
Leaped a fearful place; what a sight when they rushed from the covert.
Jack Hastings had fallen in love with Clara, the talk ran on; then, visiting at Trillium Covert, he had fallen in love with Sonoma Valley and bought a magnificent home ranch, though little enough he saw of it, being away over the world so much of the time.
They've been three years searching for it--I forgot to tell them we had searched ten years for Trillium Covert.
Another thing, Trillium Covert and Madrono Ranch were happily situated in a narrow thermal belt, so that in the frosty mornings of winter the temperature was always several degrees higher than in the rest of the valley.
So spake the merry King; but, even as he ended, there came suddenly the sound of many voices, and out from the covert burst Little John and threescore men, with Sir Richard of the Lea in the midst.
The denser nocturnal vapours, attacked by the warm beams, were dividing and shrinking into isolated fleeces within hollows and coverts, where they waited till they should be dried away to nothing.
I was willing to encounter some risks in order to accomplish my object, and counted much upon my ability to elude these prowling cannibals amongst the many coverts which the mountains afforded.
He remembered the thick coverts round the quarry-hole pond, an untrodden corner of the world where he might surely find concealment till the night should fall.
The implementing decision does not reflect the potential of the optically variable diffractive (OVD) foil to carry further information that would classify the feature in the covert category.
Covert Love did trainer Hugo Palmer proud in the last campaign, winning the Irish Oaks and the Prix de l'Opera as well as finishing a close second to Pleascach in the Yorkshire Oaks on the Knavesmire.