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COVESCommonwealth of Virginia Energy and Sustainability (conference)
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Don't he look fierce at any strange cove that laughs or sings when he's in company
It pulled up in a small cove close to where he was.
At length they came to a small cove, or rather indent of the shore.
At length the negro shot his skiff into a little cove, darkly embowered by trees, and made it fast to the well-known iron ring.
Billy, emerging from the thicket, only in shoes and in pants rolled to the knees, put an end to the conversation; and Saxon watched the two men, physically so dissimilar, climb the rocks and start out the south side of the cove.
Saxon could not keep down her anxiety, and climbed out on the north side of the cove, which was less rugged and far less difficult to travel.
We can't see it yet--the belt of birch running up from that little cove hides it.
All day he hung round the cove or upon the cliffs with a brass telescope; all evening he sat in a corner of the parlour next the fire and drank rum and water very strong.
On stormy nights, when the wind shook the four corners of the house and the surf roared along the cove and up the cliffs, I would see him in a thousand forms, and with a thousand diabolical expressions.
Great black clouds were rolling across the heavens, and squalls of rain, with hail, swept by us with such extreme violence, that the Captain determined to run into Wigwam Cove.
The cove takes its name of "Wigwam" from some of the Fuegian habitations; but every bay in the neighbourhood might be so called with equal propriety.
So the ten war prahus of the Malay pulled quietly out of the little cove upon the east side of the island, and bending their way toward the south circled its southern extremity and bore away for Borneo.