COVRCoalition of Visionary Resources (Butler, NJ)
COVRColloquium on Violence and Religion
COVRCustomer On-Boarding Verification Report (ESC Corporate Services, Ltd.)
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Precise Biometrics AB (STO:PREC), a supplier of solutions for convenient and secure verification of people's identity using biometrics, announced on Tuesday the entering into a partnership with Covr Security (Covr) to offer products that enable convenient and secure verification of identity for digital services.
"We're quite pleased with the breadth and quality of entries in each of our five major categories," noted COVR president Karen Stuth.
COVR distributes an integrated turnkey digital solution to the institutions it serves, including personal insurance products from nearly twenty major insurers.
Nucleotide sequence analysis showed that, in 1 of the strains (from patient 18), both genes, the sensor histidine kinase covS and the response regulator covR, had mutated.
Likewise, two sensors can cover an area only if all the points in the area are in the coverage range of one of the two sensors and the distance between the two sensors is less or equal to 2 x covR. This implies that a point p is covered by a WSN if it is in the coverage range of one sensor and all the sensors of the WSN can communicate with each other.
Washington, Apr 8 ( ANI ): Apple is reportedly planning to launch a new iPhone case called 'Covr'.
ill c it usd 2 bothr me 2 leve the apartment but aunt louise wud drop by aftr work & she wud covr 4 me while i went out a mess around w/ the guys benny givs me S**T bout how i m alwys lookin up @ Dads window evry 2 minutes ...
Table 1 Examples of actuarial risk assessment instruments (ARAIs) ARAI Risk assessed HCR-20(9) Violence in psychiatric populations, such as Formerly hospitalized patients Classification Of Violence Violence by civil psychiatric patients Risk (COVR) following discharge into the community Violence Risk Assessment Violent recidivism by formerly incarcerated Guide (VRAG) offenders Static-99 Recidivism by sex offenders HCR-20's pros and cons
Kennedy, director of the University Institute for Psychiatry and Law at the University of Cincinnati, has reviewed three of these tools: the Broset Violence Checklist, the Classification of Violence Risk (COVR), and the Historical Clinical Risk-20.
Busby told BE in the December 1991 covr story "Pumping Up The Jam For Profits" that he plans to return Motown, which he says is worth over $150 million, to black ownership in the near future.
Covr Financial Technologies, a digital personal insurance platform, has closed on a USD 5 million fund raising from four venture capital firms: Nyca Partners, Commerce Ventures, Connectivity Capital Partners and Contour Venture Partners, the company said.