COVRACentrale Organisatie Voor Radio-actief Afval (Dutch: Central Organisation for Radioactive Waste)
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It also notes that solid radioactive waste arising from the dismantling operations will be stored or disposed of in a licensed site, COVRA in the Netherlands, and that non-radioactive solid waste or residual materials and materials which are released from regulatory control subject to compliance with clearance levels, will be released for disposal as conventional waste or for reuse or recycling, in all cases complying with the criteria laid down in the Basic Safety Standards (Directive 96/29 Euratom).
A railway shipment of vitrified nuclear waste is programmed today from AREVA s railway terminal in Valognes (France) to the COVRA storage facility in the Netherlands.
2) COVRA (Centrale Organisatie Voor Radioactief Afval) is the Organisation in charge of the management of radioactive waste in the Netherlands.