COWDCost of Work Done
COWDClose of Work Day
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COWD Chairman Francisco Mendez, Secretary Raymundo Java, and Assistant Secretary Sandy Bass Sr.
The CDO project will have a term of 30 years -- renewable for another 20 years--and involves the supply of up to 100 million liters per day of treated bulk water to COWD. It involves the construction of new water transmission lines and the rehabilitation of the Camaman-an reservoir and will also eventually involve the delivery of bulk treated water to service the requirements of CDO's western sector, which currently relies on deep wells for its water supply.
(RVWCI) were also charged in conspiracy with the COWD executives.
The project also includes the construction of new water transmission lines and rehabilitation of the Camaman-an Reservoir to supply the COWD, which currently has about 90,000 service connections.
Roger Cowd, 65, is thought to have jumped to his death rather than face a court case.
120) and I departyd from London on Estym Ewyn, and I cowd not get frome ['leave'] my Loord of Sent Jonys not paste iij days togyddyr syn Estyr Ewe.
DELIGHT: Guest salutes the cowd (top) after last year's victory in the Aintree mudbath and (above) can't contain his delight
Having faced criticism of her spiritual practices and condemnation of her behavior, Margery writes that God commanded her to seek the anchoress's counsel, "and many wonderful revelacyons whech sche schewyd to the ankres to wetyn [know] yf ther we any deceyte in hem, for the ankres was expert in swech thyngys and good cownsel cowd gevyn" (Staley 1996, 53).
When I was but a beardless boy, Nor more' n six years old, I us' d to go a keepin' crows In rain an' wind an' cowd.
EPA suggests that programmatic NEPA evaluations cowd provide a watershed focus for the large number of forthcoming FERC relicensings and BOR water supply contract renewals.
At the end of the debate on the amendment, when it became clear that Boschwitz coWd not persuade a majority of the committee, C.S.M.A.