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COWPCowpens National Battlefield (US National Park Service)
COWPCryptosporidium Oocyst Wall Protein (microbiology)
COWPCopper Oxide Wire Particle
COWPCobalt Tungsten Phosphide
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hominis COWP PCR-RFLP RsaI profiles were retested by single-round small subunit (SSU) rRNA PCR-RFLP using SspI, which generates a pattern unique to C.
A locus not targeted in any of the methods tested, but one that should not be overlooked and is of value is the Cryptosporidium oocyst wall protein (COWP) gene (GenBank accession no.
Papers from the meeting are collected here, shedding light on areas including constraint effects on cohesive failures in low-k dielectric thin films, integration of a polymer etch stop layer in a porous low-k MLM structure, and thermal oxidation of Cu interconnects capped with CoWP.
Hall (1774), 1 Cowp. 204, [1558-1774] All ER Rep 251, 98 ER 1045.
Jackson [1775 1 Cowp.299] Lord Mansfield stated that "real and personal effects are synonymous to substance, which includes everything that can be turned into money".
The event will see the Morpeth act officially launch its new CD, Lowp Till Ye Cowp.
We'd dee rowly-powly doon the banks, coo'nt the times we could cowp wor creels!
The Hibs Of cour Hearts final s p i cre cowp to assistant manager won the Scottish Cup when he was No.2 to Jim Jefferies at Hearts in 1998.
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