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COWRIECollaborative Offshore Wind Research Into the Environment (UK)
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They knew that none of their own men had preceded them, and as all were convinced that the island was uninhabited, they were inclined to flee in terror on the hypothesis that the place was haunted--possibly by the ghosts of the murdered officers and men of the Cowrie.
These two premises accepted there could be little doubt that Schneider would prove trustworthy in so far as accepting the command of the Cowrie was concerned; after that Kai Shang knew that he could find means to coerce the man into submission to his further wishes.
Each knew that in the heart of the others was sufficient treachery to make it unsafe for any member of the party to go ashore leaving the others in possession of the Cowrie, so not more than two or three men at a time were ever permitted aboard the vessel unless all the balance of the company was there too.
The knowledge that he alone could navigate the Cowrie had, up to now, been sufficient assurance of his safety; but quite evidently something had occurred of which he had no knowledge that would make it quite worth the while of his co-conspirators to eliminate him.
While Cowrie exemplifies Trevor's point that "land, language and customs are not simply extraneous materialistic adjuncts to being but manifestations of a spiritual reality" in indigenous writings (62), Dunsford's text provides a dynamic rendering of this reality.
They are covered with glass beads, once highly valued imports, and cowrie shells.
Exchanged across the world and throughout the millennia, the cowrie is perhaps the best known of many forms of so-called primitive, substitute, or commodity monies.
Two Obvious, 1996 - cowrie shells spilling out of a broken piggy bank - is Hammons' artistic kitsch par excellence, his answer to James Brown's "Shake Your Money Maker" riff and to the singer's onstage persona as the redcaped Godfather of Soul.
With bellies full of spit roasted pork and juicy mangoes, Kuini, Iri, Cowrie and Sahara follow the shore line of Fa'a'a, leaving the negotiations for Piripi and the tacticians in the group to resolve.
NOTE: Cowrie shells were the medium of exchange in ancient Bengal, before the minting of coins.
Then there are preppy nautical-print sweaters and tennis skirts, wide-leg sailor pants and pearl- and cowrie shell-embroidered blazers-all reminiscent of East Coast-born Burch's youth.
Also, three typical long pony bead women's necklaces, each done in two different bead colors; pony bead bracelets representing blue beads and cowrie shells; and a panel belt of beaded moose hide.