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They all looked; and, sure enough, the cow had stopped, and was staring leisurely about her, as other cows do when on the point of lying down.
The horses of Abyssinia are excellent; their mules, oxen, and cows are without number, and in these principally consists the wealth of this country.
They began walking through the country of the china people, and the first thing they came to was a china milkmaid milking a china cow. As they drew near, the cow suddenly gave a kick and kicked over the stool, the pail, and even the milkmaid herself, and all fell on the china ground with a great clatter.
"Oh, well, then, I'll have a look at your cows, and if you'll allow me, I'll give directions about their food.
The sea cows had separated and were browsing lazily along the edges of the finest beaches that Kotick had ever seen.
First he cast upon the dogs which were guarding them a stupor and strangles, so that the dogs forgot the cows and lost the power of barking.
The woman, who was very handsome, waited till my mother had finished her angry words; then she looked up and spoke slowly, "There is a cow by you with milk dropping from its udder; will you not even give me and my boy a gourd of milk?" And she took a gourd from her bundle and held it towards us.
The river itself, which nourished the grass and cows of these renowned dairies, flowed not like the streams in Blackmoor.
Hans brushed his coat, wiped his face and hands, rested a while, and then drove off his cow quietly, and thought his bargain a very lucky one.
To celebrate it I ordered my steward to bring me a very fat cow to sacrifice.
"And ain't it natural and right for a cat and a cow to talk different from US?"
I had heard our neighbours laughing when they told how Peter always had to go home at night to milk his cow. Other bachelor homesteaders used canned milk, to save trouble.