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COXcytochrome c oxidase
CoXCity of Heroes/Villains (gaming)
COXCyclo-Oxygenase Enzyme (pharmacology)
COXCommunication and Orientation Expert (traffic management; Germany)
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Kaswell believes Cox has the right stuff to receive confirmation and navigate any subsequent scrutiny thereafter.
Cox refused to believe his career was going to end this way.
More than three years later, the youthful Cox, 43, sits in his small, tidy office at the National Naval Medical Center outside of Washington, D.
The waters between Siberia and Alaska had been closed since 1948, and it took Cox 11 years of patient but persistent diplomacy to achieve her dream.
Samsung shares Cox's strong commitment to delivering a high-quality customer experience and our strong collaborative work has resulted in making OCAP on retail devices a reality for our customers," said Chris Bowick, Senior Vice President, Engineering and Chief Technical Officer for Cox.
However, the idea that there is a specific COX variant that makes prostaglandins in the brain and responds to acetaminophen makes sense because the drug works well against fever, which is controlled by brain prostaglandins.
Saturday against Hoover at the Hart tournament - Cox took a deep breath and reflected on her busy high school sports career.
Speeds will be boosted up to twice as fast for Cox Preferred package customers, and up to 33% faster for Premier customers.
And when she got to bat, would Cox somehow pull Quartz Hill through, as she had done on countless other occasions?
Her fastball has never been clocked, but Cox (8-8) has been effective nonetheless.
In observance of National Internet Safety Month, high school students and their parents and guardians from Cox Communications communities will travel to Washington, D.