COXICytochrome C Oxidase Subunit I
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The sequence of coxi suggested that the specimen of the northern strain represents T.
BLASTn analysis (https://blast showed that our sequence matched the target GenBank coxI sequence S.
The robustness of the coxI gene as a diagnostic marker to lay the groundwork for identification of these three species of Sarcophaga has been demonstrated [21, 26].
The primer cocktail was designed by aligning mitochondrial coxI sequences from the NCBI nr database that contained one or both regions upon which universal invertebrate primers have been developed (Folmer et al.
Loftusia genus is seen in this section with high species diversity, larger size and more numerous, while in Fars Loftusia coxi and Loftusia minor were only observed.
Successful amplification of coxI sequences using LCO/HCO primers was achieved from all invertebrates studied.
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In Southern hybridization analysis of the mitochondrial DNA, two gene probes were used: coxI and coxIII.
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(A) Neighbor-joining trees of the four concatenated loci and (B) the coxi sequences including the two Callinectes species.
2010), because the COXI sequences provide slightly better resolution, and also quantitative support in terms of bootstraps and divergence values for species--level identification than was previously possible (Armstrong 1997).