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COYSCome on You Spurs (Tottenham Hotspurs team)
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Hordle John drew the back of his hand across his mouth, fixed his eyes upon the corner of the ceiling, and bellowed forth, in a voice which made the torches flicker, the southland ballad for which he had been asked:-- The franklin he hath gone to roam, The franklin's maid she bides at home, But she is cold and coy and staid, And who may win the franklin's maid?
Arthur, and her very vanity made her more coy of speech.
But whatever idea was forming in his mind, was dissipated by the she-wolf, who advanced upon him, sniffed noses with him for a fleeting instant, and then resumed her coy retreat before his renewed advances.
The Ministry of Home Affairs had earlier ordered the deployment of an additional 100 coys of CAPF to "strengthen the CI grid as well as for maintaining law and order situation in Jammu and Kashmir."
A German approached D Coy & after being missed by the sentry a struggle ensued & the German fell into the trench, shot the Sentry in five places with a revolver & ran into living trench where he shot dead Pte Baker & stabbed Pte Spittle in the back making good his escape.
Coys will also be offering a Bentley Eight, direct from the collection of TV star Sir Bruce Forsyth.
Among the classics sold by Coys in the second half of September was the world's only right-hand-drive Ferrari F50, which raised pounds 350,000.
No price is listed in the Coys brochure for the auction.
COYS managing director Chris Routledge, says: "The car is one of the most unusual we have ever been asked to sell.
The buyer was a man from Sunderland, who intends to keep the car in the UK, a spokesman for Coys said.
Stone then moved B Coy from its extended position to a position just in front of our Coy.
But yesterday three judges ordered him to pay Coys the value of the plate plus the costs of the case which are estimated to total around pounds 90,000.