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COZCentre Opérationnel de Zone (French: Area Operations Center)
COZChild Opportunity Zone (Warren, RI)
COZCity of Zanesville (Ohio)
COZCommercial Overlay Zone (Idaho)
COZComputer Ondersteunde Zelfstudie (Dutch)
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she just going back over that same thing she done last time we helped her girl it f***ing burns my head out knowing ice got to tell you girl coz you got urown family to deal with girl but I've begged hey for 4 days and nights to get on bath and she she just get angry and teme to f*** off get out kelI
Coz said: "When I found out the film and crew had made it onto the shortlist in five categories in October that was a massive achievement, but I didn't think that we would have a chance of winning.
Dalsi vystupujici byla Jana Drutarovska, ktera se zamerila na Bitcoin, coz je virtualni platebni jednotka charakteristicka naprostou decentralizaci a nenavazanim na narodni stat.
In a rant posted on the day his dad was jailed Bell, formerly of Norton Road, Stockton, wrote: "got ma dad jail for *** all ya lil *** grass he done nwt wrong to no1 all he dne was be a dad to his kids and this happen to him well watch what happen ya lil ***and *** *** coz whn i get out thy will give me a reason to put me in jail."
"We need to find them before they find us!" Coz said in the statement.
Good riddance to him and his like Keith Thomas |H| Hope he doesn't jack in his tours coz they are always really funny Sarah-Jayne Wright | I have seen him...
A crucial link between RL and L is given by the cozero map coz: RL [right arrow] L, the properties of which we shall freely use without comment.
Well, not exactly going back to work, but he will be appearing beside Danny Trejo, the Machete star in the iOS game "Danny Trejo's Vengeance: Woz with the Coz."
Nova publikace se venuje opet tematu CSR, ale snazi se ho propojit se strategickym pristupem ve firme, coz lze hodnotit velice pozitivne, jelikoz CSR bez strategickeho pilifie nema v podnikove praxi vyznam.
"Because of the excellent ink properties, the DSI digital label press guarantees industrial labels that are highly resistant to light, scratches and chemicals," says Guillaume Le Coz, managing director of Etiquetage Legal.
Matt Coz, vice president of Waste Management's Product Recovery Group, and Tom Fricke, chief executive officer of Cartridge World, talk about the program.