CP-SCCyclic Prefix Based Single Carrier
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We consider a dual hop CP-SC cognitive relay system with one SS, one amplify-and-forward SR, one SD, and a PU as shown in Fig.
Unlike OFDM-based relay systems, the goal of resource allocation in the CP-SC cognitive relay system is to minimize the MSE (or maximize the MFB on SINR).
Sequential Optimization Algorithm 1: Initialization: Define the maximum number of iterations [t.sub.max]; set the iteration number to t = 0; set the initialization values for [[eta].sub.1] and [[eta].sub.2] 2: Determine [M.sup.[omicron]] using the ordered SP 3: Compute [p.sup.[omicron].sub.0] 4: while t [less than or equal to] [t.sub.max] do 5: Compute [p.sup.[??].sub.l|k] for N subcarrier pairs (k, l) according to [M.sup.[omicron]] 6: Update [[eta].sup.(t+1).sub.i] = [[eta].sup.(t).sub.i] - [[mu].sup.(t)][DELTA][[eta].sup.(t).sub.i] for i=1, 2 7: end while Theorem 1: In a CP-SC cognitive relay system that adopts UPA at SS and OPA at SR, the ordered SP is asymptotically optimal in maximizing the MFB on SINR for a sufficiently large N.