CP1Connective Peptide 1
CP1Complex Projective Line (mathematics)
CP1Computing Project 1 (academic course)
CP1Christmas Pudding 100g (Puddings on the Ritz, Pty. Ltd.)
CP1Cerebral Peptide 1
CP1Crystal Plaza 1
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NeXolve's CP1 Polyimide exhibits very low moisture uptake, has the lowest dielectric constant of commercially available polyimides, and is highly transparent and colorless, making it an ideal choice for interlayer dielectrics, electronics, displays and aerospace applications.
2]C1 ratio beyond the stoichiometric (see comparison of experiments CP1, CP2, and CP5).
CP1 involves the completion of the first phase of the Lusail City development featuring the Marina and Wadi Districts.
Agriculture on the other hand is more problematical and delaying its introduction to 2013, beyond CP1, would appear to be a sensible hedge considering the lack of progress at the international level beyond CP1.
Fault Diagnosis Table Proposed for Model-Free FDD#1 Fault Fault CQ1 CQ2 CQ5 CQ6 CP1 Code Description F1 Reduced + condenser water flow rate F2 Reduced + evaporator water flow rate F3 Refrigerant - - + leak F4 Refrigerant + + - overcharge F5 Condenser - fouling F6 Noncondensables + + - in system Note: The + and - signs indicate directional change of the numerical values of the CFs with increasing fault severity.
The Duracell CP1 battery will be arriving in select retail outlets in these three regions throughout the next quarter.
In an effort to clarify "an error in translation," Vektor USA has corrected the owner's manual for its CP1 pistol.
Projections of the increase in the CP1 from the fourth quarter of 1991 to the fourth quarter of 1992 were centered in a range of 3 to 3 1/2 percent; this range compared with a realized increase in the CPI of 3 percent in 1991, but the result for 1991 had been heavily influenced by the sharp decline in oil prices, so the members' forecasts represented a significant decrease in the underlying rate of inflation.
To discover more about Trainer by Gibson, visit the Gibson Brands tent at CES 2015, just outside the Las Vegas Convention Center, Central Plaza CP1 from January 6 - 9, 2015.
CP1 will use the net proceeds from the Series 2012-2 Notes for container purchases and related business purposes.
Expanded Wireless Communication Portfolio The expanded range of Phonak wireless accessories also includes the new Phonak DECT CP1 cordless phone .