CP1Connective Peptide 1
CP1Complex Projective Line (mathematics)
CP1Computing Project 1 (academic course)
CP1Christmas Pudding 100g (Puddings on the Ritz, Pty. Ltd.)
CP1Cerebral Peptide 1
CP1Crystal Plaza 1
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Assim, essas variaveis agronomicas e propriedades funcionais em destaque nos dois primeiros componentes principais CP1 e CP2 sao consideradas importantes para a selecao de genotipos de soja-hortalica, ideais para a regiao de Jaboticabal.
2]C1 ratio beyond the stoichiometric (see comparison of experiments CP1, CP2, and CP5).
CP1 involves the completion of the first phase of the Lusail City development featuring the Marina and Wadi Districts.
The CP1 offers a 7 inch display capable of 800x480 resolution with 16 million colours.
The Duracell CP1 has gained widespread distribution at several retail chains, including outlets operated by Wal-Mart Stores Inc.
The Duracell CP1 battery will be arriving in select retail outlets in these three regions throughout the next quarter.
Compared to the futuristic-looking CP1 pistol, Vektor's other products are much more conventional in appearance and design.
According to Vektor officials, when the CP1 owner's manual was initially written for the U.
A correlacao entre CP1 e CP2 revelou que sobrancelha, apontamento, curvatura e achatamento de tuberculo foram os caracteres de maior influencia no CP1, enquanto aparencia, aspereza e sobrancelha de tuberculos foram os de maior influencia no CP2 (Tabela 3), servindo esta analise de base para a verificacao de quais caracteres estao mais relacionados a cada componente.
The pistol displays the same high quality of fit and finish as the first Model CP1 that I previously reviewed in the November issue.
CP1 will use the net proceeds from the Series 2012-1 Notes for container purchases and related business purposes.
A team of industrial designers who were contacted to develop a handgun for contingency carry created the CP1.