CP2Cysteine Proteinase 2
CP2Cours Préparatoire Deuxième Année (French)
CP2Cuticle Protein 2
CP2Tricyclic Pyrone (licensed from Kansas State University Research Foundation by Progression BioSciences in Kansas City
CP2Cerebral Peptide 2
CP2Contractor Performance Certification Program
CP2Crystal Plaza 2
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KUMO CP2 features 80 buttons and enables selection of up to 64 sources and 64 destinations on each of up to four KUMO routers in standalone mode or through a built-in GUI accessible from any web browser on the network.
Assim, essas variaveis agronomicas e propriedades funcionais em destaque nos dois primeiros componentes principais CP1 e CP2 sao consideradas importantes para a selecao de genotipos de soja-hortalica, ideais para a regiao de Jaboticabal.
Objections in Wales By Post to: Jeremy Frost, Marine and Fisheries Division, Inland and Intertidal Fisheries Strategy, CP2, North Core, 2nd Floor, Pillar MO2, Cathays Park, Cardiff, CF10 3NQ By email to jeremy.
The CP2 features an upright piano style cabinet with a 100-Watt/4-speaker sound system, while the CP3 comes in a tradition digital piano cabinet with a 100-Watt/2-speaker system.
En el CP2, se observa un comportamiento inversamente proporcional entre las materia seca acumulada en hojas y raices (-0,84 vs.
Los vectores de mayor aportacion son: el diametro a la base, la biomasa de tallo, hojas y ramas y la relacion de la cantidad de pigmentos de clorofila (relacion de clorofilas a/b), es decir, variables de crecimiento (Tabla 3), evidenciando el crecimiento inicial como estrategia principal dentro de este ambiente de competencia (I), posteriormente, para el CP2 con 19,1% del total de la variacion, las variables que determinan la arquitectura como: el largo de ramas, la altura de insercion de la rama en el tallo y la biomasa de raiz son las de mayor aportacion (Tabla 3); finalmente el CP3, que explica 17,3% la variable de mayor aportacion fue la supervivencia (Tabla 3).
2]C1 ratio beyond the stoichiometric (see comparison of experiments CP1, CP2, and CP5).
De fato, a ACP da media dos quatro anos avaliados mostra que o CP1 e o CP2 representaram, respectivamente, 61,70% e 19,33% da variacao total, os quais perfizeram 81,03%.
The SEM images of CP1, CP2 and CP3 showed evidence of mineralization which were reminiscent of [Ca.
uk or Lindsey Powles, Marine Branch, Department for Environment & Sustainable Development, Welsh Government, 2nd Floor, CP2, Cathays Park, Cardiff CF10 3NQ or call 029 2080 1258.
Of the 30 selected sites (Table 1), 17 were enrolled in the CRP CP2 program (Native Grasses), 12 in the CP25 program (Rare and Declining Habitat) and one was a non-CRP site planted using CP25 protocols.
It also includes 110 mesh screens, squeegees, and CP2 cap platens.