CP6Crystal Plaza 6
CP6Cipher Pol 6
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Finally, it was found that CP5 and CP6 would also be impacted were a noncondensable fault to occur, which was not the case for FDD#1.
FDD#2-4: All seven CFs (CQ1, CQ2, CQ5, CQ6, CP1, CP5, and CP6) are used with CP5 and CP6 set to zero for faults F4 and F5 as per Table 4.
The micro-probe identified: 4 OP5 (Orthopyroxene) 7 OPX (Orthopyroxene) 4 Ilmenites 1 CP1 with a CE(i) classification (high pressure Clinopyroxene from an eclogitic source) 1 CP2 (Clinopyroxene) 1 CP6 (Clinopyroxene) 9 CPX (Clinopyroxene) 2 Eclogitic Garnets with G2/G1 classifications 1 G11 garnet - which indicates a kimberlite source, possibly diamondiferous 1 Chromite 1 Olivine 8 other garnets, including 1 eclogitic, likely to be from other regional source rocks
High-speed Chip Shooters Flex Placers Screen Printers Fuji CP6 Fuji IP3 MPM UP2020 Panasonic MV2C Panasonic MPA3F DEK 265GS Universal HSP 4791 Universal GSM1
Recently the company released information about CP6, a speed-to-market initiative whereby a new tire can be taken from concept to production in six months.
Viking's expansion includes the addition of two new, high-speed Fuji production lines each consisting of a DEK 265 GSX screen printer, Fuji CP6 pick and place system, a Zevatech FM-760 flexmounter machine, an Electrovert Ominflo 7 convection oven and an Aquastorm 100 aqueous cleaning system.