CPABCanadian Public Accountability Board
CPABCommunity Police Advisory Board (LAPD)
CPABCalifornia Pear Advisory Board
CPABComputer Programmer Aptitude Battery
CPABCorrosion Prevention Advisory Board
CPABCenter for Public Awareness in Bioethics (UK)
CPABCentre de Phonétique Appliquée de Bruxelles (French)
CPABCommissariat au Patrimoine Arboricole de Bruxelles
CPABCabinet Parisien d'Administration de Biens (French property management company)
CPABCentre Protection Amélioration du Bâtiment (French: Center for Building Protection Improvement)
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We believe our novel CPAB therapeutics are a breakthrough in drug development and represent what should become the next generation of therapeutic proteins.
The CPAB should be provided with the statutory investigative and sanctioning authority equivalent to that afforded governmental regulators.
Lorraine O'Connor of CPAB said the time had come for government action.
During the past year, Complix has generated a wealth of data demonstrating the attractive properties of CPABs that are capable of acting on intracellular disease targets.
CPAB is convinced political pressure will be applied so the burning goes ahead and the Government can get rid of the tallow, long before tough new EU pollution laws come into force in 2005.
The Company, is currently working with a CPAB participating member, Baratz Judelman to complete the audit for the fiscal years ended September 30, 2004 and 2005.
They have completed their transformation into political constituencies; council aides mediate many CPAB issues and play greater roles in naming members.
Further, while the company's US auditor is approved for filing financial statements with the SEC, it is presently not listed on the list of auditors approved by CPAB for filing public company financial statements in Canada.
Anton & Chia, LLP is registered with the PCAOB, CPAB, the CICA and the AICPA and we focus on providing assurance, tax, and consulting services to companies that are planning to go public or are already publicly traded in the United States of America and Canada.
I joined the Hollywood CPAB and quit almost immediately,'' Bob Burke said.
The requirement for a CPAB certification came into effect March 30th, 2004.
I'd like the chief to explain to me and comfort me that nothing's going to change, that we will still be able to work with the department,'' said Ellie Vargas, co-chairwoman of the West Valley CPAB.