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CPASCorrective and Preventative Action System
CPASCentre Public d'Aide Sociale (French: Public Social Assistance Center; Belgium)
CPASChurch Pastoral Aid Society (UK; est. 1836)
CPASCentre for the Public Awareness of Science (Australia)
CPASClaims Processing Assessment System
CPASCommunity Prevention and Addiction Services (Connecticut)
CPASCommission Publique d'Assistance Sociale (French: Public Commission for Social Assistance; Belgium)
CPASCentral Procurement Accounting System
CPASNational Centre for the Public Awareness of Science (Australian National University, Canberra)
CPASCommercial Activities Proposed Action Summary
CPASCellular Priority Access Services
CPASCommand Post Automation System
CPASCertified PACS Associate
CPASCurrent Production & Analytic Support (US CIA)
CPASCivilian Personnel Appraisal System
CPASCEV (Crew Exploration Vehicle) Parachute Assembly System (US NASA)
CPASCentre for Planning and Architectural Studies (Egypt)
CPASCommunication Plan Automated System
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While each CPA represents an important voice in the profession, the strength of the collective voice speaks louder than one individual.
While New York's stringent CPA firm-ownership requirement is different from other states', it is similar to the firm-ownership requirements that New York imposes on many other professions.
CPAs are overwhelmingly powerful when they work together through state societies, leveraging the power of volunteerism.
CPAs can also expand their expertise by participating in the AICPA PFP Forum.
The AICPA has launched the Young CPA Network in an effort to address the needs of and support for young professionals.
In addition, innovative approaches to CPAs have been described in the Community Policing Exchange (
As the consulting practice has grown faster and more profitably than the attest business, CPA partners and IT partners disagree about who owns whom, and who owes whom what.
With technology, however, outsourcing HR functions is relatively easy for companies, and in many respects using CPA firms is a natural fit.
CPAs must very carefully limit their response to a purely tax answer.
Additionally, agencies can contact directly other law enforcement agencies that conduct CPAs.
When state regulations are revised, the changes can affect whether a person can still legitimately use the CPA designation.
Some CPAs, concerned about a possible conflict of interest, assume they should reject such clients, but perhaps they should reconsider.