CPATTCentre for Pavement and Transportation Technology (University of Waterloo; Canada)
CPATTCivilian Police Assistance Training Team
CPATTCoalition Police Advisory Training Team (US and Iraq)
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Her contribution to Operation Iraqi Freedom was seen as so exceptional by the United States military that she is the first non-American within CPATT to be awarded the Outstanding Civilian Service Medal.
During Insp Smith's service CPATT reached its original target of training 135,000 new police officers.
The S6 section became heavily involved in setting up local area networks and working with CPATT to bring in improved radio communications systems.
The paper quoted senior ministry officials as saying they refused to deploy the graduates because they had no control over the CPATT's selection process.
(2) Background information on the CPATT and CMATT is available on the Teams' websites at [] and [].
The following are police forces under the Ministry of Interior, which is advised by the Civilian Police Assistance Training Team (CPATT).