CPAVCp anti Virus
CPAVCentral Point Av
CPAVCentral Point Anti-Virus (software security program; Central Point Software, Inc.)
CPAVCommunity Program Assistance Visit (US FEMA)
CPAVCathay Pacific Airlines Virtual
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Thirteen mothers (1.3%) used chemoprophylaxis (CP) alone, while 820 (84.4%) used a combination of chemoprophylaxis and anti-vector measures (CPAV).
Patent malaria parasitaemia: The prevalence of patent parasitaemia among the mothers at delivery was 7.7% (1/13), 16.3% (22/135) and 12.1% (99/ 820) for CP, AV and CPAV respectively (p>0.05).
Mothers who used chemoprophylaxis alone recorded the lowest prevalence of patent parasitaemia when compared to the AV and CPAV groups.