CPBFCampaign for Press and Broadcasting Freedom (UK)
CPBFCoopérative de la Banque de France (French: Cooperative Bank of France)
CPBFCanadian Professional Boxing Federation
CPBFCommercial Plant Biotechnology Facility (International Space Station)
CPBFCore Promoter Binding Factor
CPBFCross Platform BSP (Bulk Synchronous Parallel) Framework (computer modeling)
CPBFCapillary Pancreatic Blood Flow
CPBFChoroid Plexus Blood Flow
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In these changing times, the left in politics should join forces with the CPBF and the broadcasting/print unions and campaign to resist this move for deregulation.
The CPBF warns, "By ignoring widespread public concern and removing all rules barring foreign ownership of U.
The CPBF took its name from a British group advocating since 1979 for accountable, representative and public-service media in the politically hostile climate of Thatcherism.