CPBICertified Professional in Business Intelligence
CPBICanadian Pension and Benefits Institute (est. 1960)
CPBIConnecticut Public Broadcasting Inc.
CPBICensus of Philippine Business and Industry (formerly Census of Establishments)
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Florendo said the CPBI will collect and generate information on the levels, structure, performance and trends of economic activities of the formal sectors of the economy for the year 2018.
Items from the CPBI were also included as part of the conducted survey.
Para CAMI, o comportamento verificado foi semelhante ao do CPBI, com diferenca significativa (p < 0,10) em todas as profundidades do solo estudadas, com valores de Ds para CAMI superiores aos obtidos na mata nativa (VNMI).
(80) One consequence of the dissolution of the PSSI into the CPBI was that Sutomo and other PBI leaders significantly reduced their involvement.
CPBI OTC 24.50 25.89 Cyanotech CYAN OTC 0.55 0.47 Dole Foods DOL NYSE 29.38 29.51 Hawaiian Airlines HA ASE 2.38 2.10 Hawaiian Electric HE NYSE 47.87 43.01 IMera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
CPBI OTC 43.14 46.17 Cyanotech CYAN OTC 0.55 0.56 Dole Foods DOL NYSE 27.20 29.03 Hawaiian Airlines HA ASE 2.83 2.48 Hawaiian Electric HE NYSE 45.06 43.10 Mera Pharmaceuticals, Inc.
Classic Voyage OTC 0.46 0.46 AQSE Aquasearch OTC 0.17 0.07 BOH Pacific Century Financial NYSE 23.30 25.20 BRN Barnwell Industires ASE 18.20 20.35 BWE BancWest NYSE 34.95 34.76 CBBI CB Bancshares OTC 33.00 33.91 CEAT CEATECH USA OTC 0.90 0.70 CPBI CPB Inc.
Classic Voyage OTC 1.36 0.46 AQSE Aquasearch OTC 0.21 0.17 BOH Pacific Century Financial NYSE 23.37 23.30 BRN Barnwell Industries ASE 18.75 18.20 BWE BancWest NYSE 34.93 34.95 CTIX Cheap Tickets 0TC 16.39 16.50 CBBI CB Bancshares OTC 34.60 33.00 CEAT CEATECH USA OTC 0.55 0.90 CPBI CPB, Inc.