CPBLChinese Professional Baseball League (est. 1989; Taiwan)
CPBLCitrus Products of Belize Ltd. (Pomona, Belize)
CPBLCollaborative, Problem-Based Learning
CPBLClinical Problem-Based Learning
CPBLChronic Pigeon Breeder's Lung (pulmonary medicine)
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Speaking to the press to announce the decision, Monkeys general manager Justin Liu said that over the last 16 years in the CPBL, the Monkeys have seen the highs and lows of the league, but added that the days of small and medium-sized enterprises running a pro baseball club are over.
I accessed the information management system used for game records on the official CPBL website to gather data for my case study.
Position Players Pitchers MLB 40% 33% NPB 20% 24% CPBL 3% 4% Others 37% 39% Note: Table made from pie chart.
Study I was carried out in the classroom setting while Study II was conducted at the CPBL games in Taiwan.
The CPBL website also said Ramirez was Taiwan-bound and that the first two games will be held at the Tianmu baseball stadium in Taipei City and the closer at the Chengcing Lake stadium in Kaohsiung County.
Following the historic Dodger game versus the CPBL all-stars in 1993, the club further developed their partnerships in Taiwan.
What truly drives the CPBL, however, is corporate sponsorship.
The CPBL lists TV stations supposedly committed to selling time in eight areas of the country.
The exhibition looks back at the 30 years of history of CPBL, which has filled countless Taiwanese households with passion, memory, joy, and tears over the years.
Of those, I retained 890 for subsequent analysis from respondents who watched games played by teams in the National Basketball Association (NBA), Major League Baseball (MLB), or Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) on television or the Internet, or read news about the sports, for an average of more than 30 minutes in a week.
For example, during the mid-1990s, Wei Chuan Tigers and Mercuries Tigers of Taiwan's Chinese Professional Baseball League (CPBL) represented sport team brand extensions with successful records that were owned and operated by corporations that were not well respected in their respective industries.