CPBMControl Plane Binding Manager
CPBMCommunist Party of Bohemia and Moravia (Czech Republic)
CPBMCertified Prescribed Burn Manager
CPBMCommercial Poultry by-Product Meal
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To avoid misunderstanding, we should start by clarifying the issue of the relationship between the CPBM and the Communist Party of Czechoslovakia (CPC).
During the last phase of CPC's (CPCS) existence and in the first phase of the existence of CPBM, i.e.
However, the changing assessment of the CPC's past and the degree of absorption and legitimacy of communist traditions was just one of the many aspects of the evolution of the image and self-presentation/self-identification of the CPBM. Two of the most prominent examples of this evolution were the question of the political program--and hence party identity--of the CPBM and the question of the party name itself.
The battle for the party's name and identity between 1990 and 1992/1993 was a symbolic expression of a two- or three-sided conflict between the innovating, conservative, and pragmatic groups within the CPBM. In the first phase of the adaptation of the CPC to the new situation, especially in the pre-electoral period of spring 1990, the CPBM made an effort to convince the electorate of its definitive break with its pre-November past.
The CPBM was looking for a way to present itself as a revived, new political force.
There was a parallel, less conspicuous conflict going on, concerning the definition of the CPBM's programmatic identity.
Of greater importance, though, was the 1st congress of CPBM in October 1990 in Olomouc.
However, a new program of CPBM was proposed and approved at the 2nd congress of the party in December 1992 in Kladno (Documents of the 2nd Congress of CPBM).
The 4th congress of CPBM in December 1995 in Liberec gave stimulus to another shift in the party's program and in the interpretation of its ideological propositions.
It was both a product of the previous victory of the conservative wing over the reforming communists within the party (and in this sense, a response to the previous conflicts over the party's identity), and an expression of the intense effort being made by the CPBM to clearly define itself against other political formations operating on the left side of the political spectrum.
The second half of the 1990s failed to bring a similarly dynamic and/or dramatic development of the CPBM's programmatic principles.