CPBRCentre for Plant Biodiversity Research (Australia)
CPBRCenter for Peace Building and Reconciliation (Sri Lanka)
CPBRConsortium for Plant Biotechnology Research
CPBRContainerboard, Packaging, and Recycling
CPBRCompetitive Protein Binding Radio-Assay (molecular biology)
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Storage: (1) the user U runs Gen (1k) to generate the key K (2) U runs SetupK (d) to get the encrypted document D and the index H, and sends (D, H) to the server S Query: (1) U runs [Query.sub.K](w) to get a token q and sends it to S (2) S runs ComputeScore (q, H) to produce the score result r, and sends it to U along with document identifier [bar.d] (3) U runs [DecScore.sub.K](w, [bar.d], r) to get the index number i(best matched snippet) (4) U runs a CPBR protocol as discussed, generates a query token t from CPBR.query(i) and sends t to S (5) S responses with o from CPBR.Response(t) (6) U runs CPBR.Decode(o) to get the encrypted snippet [D.sub.i] (7) U runs [MATHEMATICAL EXPRESSION NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII] to get the plaintext [s.sub.i] 6.
By using the CPBR, the researchers estimate cost savings at more than 50%, as the reactor productivity is doubled and xanthan gum can be produced at two to three times concentration.
In the CPBR, cells of Xanthomonas campestris are immobilized in a rotating fibrous matrix.
To study the feasibility and performance of long-term xanthan production in the CPBR, the scientists operated the fermentation in a repeated-batch mode.
As a management tool, the CPBR process enables city and department management to inventory current services, programs and expenditure levels and to compare current activities to the department's mission.
Using the CPBR as a budget tool, the city's goal is to identify and systematically evaluate the costs and relative benefits of each program and to make sure services are provided efficiently.
The CPBR expands the existing budget process by analyzing 100 percent of a department's operating budget using the familiar decision package format.
The CPBR process overlays the annual budget preparation calendar, which runs from July through June; departments prepare CPBR information in addition to their annual budget request documents.
Scientists at The Ohio State University have developed a cell immobilization technique for use in a centrifugal packed-bed reactor (CPBR).
To study the feasibility and performance of long-term xanthan production in the CPBR, researchers operated the fermentation in a repeated-batch mode.
The CPBR and ultrafiltration process can be used in the large-scale production of high-quality, low-cost xanthan gum, broadening its numerous applications in the food, pharmaceutical and oil recovery industries.