CPBSConnemara Pony Breeders' Society (various locations)
CPBSCertified Pharmacy Benefits Specialist (credential)
CPBSCertified Personal Brand Strategist
CPBSCedar Point Biological Station (University of Nebraska-Lincoln)
CPBSCapabilities, Programming, and Budgeting System
CPBSCountry Public Broadcasting System
CPBSColorado Potato Beetle Spiroplasma
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Based on the strength characteristics of cemented paste backfill (CPB) at high altitudes, Gan Deqing et al., from the North China University of Science and Technology, analyzed CPB strength from the macroscopic and microscopic perspectives.
The other two transects were within the refuge, North of the national park at CPBS and at the base of a large hill near the town of San Francisco, referred to as the Cerro (Fig.
Dessa forma, diante das contradicoes entre o prescrito e o real, o trabalhador elabora estrategias para atender as exigencias do CPBS e isso implica em um CHT24.
Another 185 participants answered the total 91 items, including the PHCI, CPBS, CDSES-SF, and CSI.
The CPBS for the infinite SDPC will be calculated within the framework of transfer matrix method (TMM) [35].
As equacoes da Tabela 4 podem ser utilizadas para estimar o ganho diario corrigido e foram encontradas pelos resultados do ganho diario corrigido obtido por analise de covariancia utilizando co-variaveis dos suplementos e forrageiras, sendo as co-variaveis, a razao NDT/PB da forragem (NDT/PBf), consumo de proteina bruta do suplemento em %PV (CPBs), porcentagem de proteina bruta do suplemento (PBs), porcentagem de proteina bruta da forragem (PBf), consumo de nutrientes digestiveis totais do suplemento em %PV (CNDTs), consumo de materia seca do suplemento em %PV (CMSs).
A POSITIVE consequence of the meeting at the pseudo-office was the re-deployment of the Ethnarch's most powerful diplomatic weapon a" the cocktail party boycott (CPB) a" by the bash-patriotic parties.
Counterproductive behavior (CPB) has been well studied in the organizational behavior and psychology literature (Marcus and Schuler, 2004).
Para os autores, o CPBS apresenta tres dimensoes interdependentes: (a) organizacao de trabalho, que e constituida pelos elementos prescritos formal e informalmente (e.g., regras, tempos, controle); (b) condicoes de trabalho, que caracterizam sua infra-estrutura, apoio institucional e praticas administrativas (e.g., posto de trabalho, equipamentos, suporte organizacional); e (c) relacoes sociais de trabalho, que expressam as interacoes socioprofissionais de trabalho (e.g., hierarquicas, intra e inter-grupais).
The Cedar Point Biological Station (CPBS) has a climate typical of the High Plains with cold winters and hot summers (Scheinost 1995).
In New Zealand, CPBS sites are increasingly in demand as the major cellular phone companies there, Telecom and Vodafone, upgrade and extend their network coverage.
After the match John Daffern, coach of CPBS, said: "We have had an excellent season, being unbeaten in both cup and league games.