CPCAFCenter for Public Company Audit Firms
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Merge the AICPA's two peer review programs--the Center for Public Company Audit Firms (CPCAF) Peer Review Program and the AICPA Peer Review Program;
Once issued, the exposure draft will be available on the AICPA Peer Review Program and CPCAF Peer Review Program Web sites at www.aicpa.org/members/div/practmon/index.htm and www.aicpa.org/centerprp/index.htm.
However, an apparatus already exists to post peer review results for those firms that have agreed to have PCPS and CPCAF public files on the AICPA Web site.
The AICPA's Center for Public Company Audit Firms (CPCAF) has compiled and organized vast resources to support firms engaged in auditing public companies.
The CPCAF website is a useful tool even for those without access to its members-only materials.
The CPCAF homepage is organized with a top horizontal menu bar dedicated to the main features: resources, community, events, membership, and products.
The CPCAF's resources are organized under 14 topical headings.
Last year, the AICPA restructured and renamed its SEC Practice Section (SECPS) to create the Center for Public Company Audit Firms (CPCAF).
The CPCAF will also maintain a peer review program for those firms' non-issuer practices that enables them to meet their state licensing, federal regulatory and AICPA membership requirements.
"One of our goals is to encourage public companies to look to the center's member firms when searching for an audit firm, and to include a request that CPA firms be a member of the CPCAF as part of their RFPs," Coffey added.
The Center for Public Company Audit Firms (CPCAF) is a voluntary membership organization for CPA firms that audit or are interested in auditing public companies.
The enhanced CPCAF Web site offers a wealth of conveniently organized information under