CPCBCentral Pollution Control Board (Delhi, India)
CPCBCentral Plains Center for Bioassessment (aquatic research)
CPCBCrew Procedures Control Board (NASA)
CPCBCurrent Protocols in Cell Biology (John Wiley and Sons; Somerset, NJ)
CPCBContinuous Psoas Compartment Block
CPCBCapital Pops Concert Band (Fair Oaks, CA)
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5 in the capital was hovering around 433 microgrammes per cubic metre, while PM10 stood at around 617, as per latest CPCB data.
Apex court slams CPCB, others for inadequate air control rooms
In Kanpur, the CPCB is partnering, of its own volition, with a consortium of Indian research institutes and New York's nonprofit Blacksmith institute for remediation of groundwater polluted by hexavalent chromium.
The CPCB had monitored several pollutants between April 1- 14 before the oddeven period and April 15- 30 during it, to arrive at the conclusion.
CPCB is conducting a study on vehicular pollution and would submit its report on May 2
In tune with the same, the apex court has given three months to the CPCB to file a report regarding "composition and content" of the fireworks.
With an ongoing investigation study on railway sidings for past five years, the CPCB is working towards a pollution- free environment for residents living near railway stations.
Monitoring of water quality does not indicate detectable presence of Arsenic at any of monitored locations on rivers of the CPCB network.
Submitting photographs to back its findings, the CPCB said, " Had the ETP been operational, gases -- mainly methane -- would have been collected and utlised.
Alarming facts have been disclosed in the CPCB report.
Monitoring of water quality in river Ram Ganga and river Kali and their tributaries is being initiated on a daily basis by the State Boards of Uttarakhand and Uttar Pradesh with the coordination of CPCB.
Highlighting two other initiatives of CPCB, Ramesh said, "Four highly polluting industries including tanneries, distilleries, craft paper and dying which fall in Red category, will be turned from highly polluting to green industries by end of this year.