CPCCCentral Piedmont Community College (Charlotte, NC)
CPCCCanadian Private Copying Collective (Canada)
CPCCCertified Professional Co-Active Coach
CPCCCanadian Peacebuilding Coordinating Committee
CPCCCertified Professional Career Coach
CPCCCanadian Private Copyright Collective
CPCCCivilian Planning and Conduct Capability (European Union)
CPCCCenter for Pervasive Communications and Computing
CPCCConnecticut Poison Control Center
CPCCCentre for the Promotion of Contemporary Composers
CPCCCalifornia Prostate Cancer Coalition
CPCCCarleton Place Canoe Club (Ontario, Canada)
CPCCCigarette Packet Collectors Club (Great Britain)
CPCCCommunity Personnel Coordinating Committee (US CIA)
CPCCCoastal Pollution Coordination Centre
CPCCComputer Program Configuration Component
CPCCCommittee of Protection and Care of Children (Vietnam)
CPCCCrisis Pregnancy & Counseling Center (Uganda)
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The SSP listened to the problems of CPCC members and assured to solve them for effective policing.
In a partnership with other Charlotte businesses and CPCC, Siemens hosts an annual two-week workshop to give middle and high school math, science and CTE teachers the opportunity to see in action the math and science skills they teach.
Andrew Lawson, MD, FACEP, ACC, BCC, CPCC, is an emergency physician, physician coach, and a quality assurance and risk consultant in CA.
Vital obligation of corporation is defined to create national economic interest by achieving economic effects, and accordingly corporate PSC not only provides support to corporate economic production activities but also provides necessary support and assistance to corporate administrators through unifying with national interest in the limits not violating policy principles of CPCC and central government.
He was among 13 people named to the CPCC ahead of a meeting of the body next week in Beijing, the Xinhua News Agency reported.
She hired coach Jeanette Eleff, CPCC, MBA, RN to help her navigate the unfamiliar landscape.
Julianne Miranda, NCTM, CPCC, is chief information officer at MTNA.
CNPC is the legislative organ of government while the CPCC is like the upper house in the Western parliamentary system.
In the most recent case on point, CPCC, (28) one of many issues was whether the fight to collect levies from manufacturers and importers of blank media is in respect of copyrights for the purposes of subsection 91(23).
Dave Latshaw, SPHR, CPCC, is president of Latshaw & Associates.
meeting facility on the CPCC terrace, an adjacent location that does
The CPCC, in short, has enough horsepower to convince the federal government of the need to apply levies (do not call them taxes) against blank recording media to reimburse CPCC members for the rampant rip-off by their former customers.