CPCMCertified Professional Contracts Manager
CPCMCertified Professional Consultant to Management
CPCMContent Protection and Copy Management
CPCMCertified Professional Category Manager (Category Management Association)
CPCMCenter for Physical and Computational Mathematics (Iowa State University)
CPCMCost Per Case Month
CPCMConductor Polarized Continuum Model (solvents)
CPCMCode des Pensions Civiles et Militaires (French: Code of Civil and Military Pensions)
CPCMCollaborative Patient Care Management
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Tonia Warfield, CMA, CFM, CPA, CCCM, CPCM, is retired and is a member of IMA's Atlanta Chapter.
The concept of domain is firstly introduced in DVB-H CPCM, which denotes the set of DVB CPCM compliant devices.
The advantage of the CPCM method over standard costing can be illustrated using Example 1.
from 1990 to 1992/93, the officially declared relationship of the CPCM towards the legacy of the CPC was explicitly positive only in two brief phases of the party's history, the early phase of the formation of CPC associated with the name of the leftist social democrat Bohumir Smeral, and the period of the Prague Spring (Documents of the 1st Congress of CPBM).
Gayle Carson, CSP, CPCM, is president of the Carson Research Center in Miami Beach, Fla.
Most of what has been written about CPCM has either regarded insurance as the sole remedy for catastrophes, or has focused on two planning strategies - the "stages of activity" and the so-called "component" approaches.
The brochure says the CPCM In-Line Inspection Services is the first method to assess the effectiveness of the CP system from inside the pipe.
Other certifications that matter in terms of position and compensation include DAWIA Level III (15 percent), CPCM (11 percent), DAWIA Level II (9 percent), Certified Federal Contracts Manager (CFCM) (5 percent), DAWIA Level I (5 percent), and Certified Purchasing Manager (CPM) or Accredited Purchasing Practitioner (APP) (4 percent).
Pashke, CMA, CFM, CMC, CPA/ABV, CBA, CVA, CPCM, is president of Pashke Consulting, an organizational, managerial, and financial consulting firm.
Glenn Sweat, CPCM, PMP, CCEP, general counsel, of Environmental Chemical Corporation of Burlingame, Ca.
The CPCM in-line inspection tool provides two distinct advantages to the pipeline operator: