CPCMSCommon Pleas Case Management System (Pennsylvania Unified Judicial System)
CPCMSCertified Pastoral Care Management Specialist (Pastoral Care Management Services; Tacoma, WA)
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Growing at up to four times the rate of the industries they serve, it would seem CPCMs could eventually run into some headspace problems, with no room left to grow.
One interesting side note Melville shares about the 11.9% growth rate is that "while it sounds like a nice, smooth number, it hides a lot of turbulence under the waves." Eighteen percent, or one in five CPCMs interviewed, report flat to negative growth.
To determine if the responses from the CPCM group were different from the DAUAA group, a conservative statistical approach was taken.
Calculations for survey question 1, answer 1 are detailed as follows: CPCM DAUAA Question 1, Answer 1 Number of Responses 17 94 Total Responses 54 238 Percentage .314 .394 Combined Percentage .380 S (Sample Estimate of Sigma) .072 Z-statistic 1.114
Curiously, CPCMs employed by government contractors and those working outside the Washington, D.C., area were much less sure about this than other respondents.
CPCMs still felt that the factors affecting government ethics were not very different from the commercial business world.
Congratulations to those candidates listed below who passed the Certified Professional Contracts Manager (CPCM) examination.
Do you think of a CACM as a junior CPCM (certified professional contracts manager)?
For 25 years, attaining the status of a certified professional contracts manager (CPCM) has been the goal of those seeking the highest level of recognition.
For more information about the CPCM program and other NCMA certification programs, visit the NCMA Web site: www.ncmahq.org, or call the certification department at 703/448-9231 or 800/344-8096, ext.
In a field that has undergone dramatic changes over the past several years, and in an environment that is and will continue to be highly competitive, CPCM status can open doors that might not have been available otherwise.
During the period that Paula Cushman, CACM, CPCM, was the national vice president for education and certification, dramatic changes occurred in the grading and administration of the CACM examination.