CPCNCanadian Prostate Cancer Network
CPCNCertificate of Public Convenience & Necessity
CPCNChinook Primary Care Network (Lethbridge, AB, Canada)
CPCNCivilian Position Control Number
CPCNCollège des Psychologues Cliniciens Spécialisés en Neuropsychologie (French: College of Clinical Psychologists Specializing in Neuropsychology)
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These CPCNs would set the coverage of the area to be serviced by a franchise-holder, as well as the duration of the privilege, infusion of additional capitalization, technical standards of equipment, fare rates, kinds of services, and appropriate disciplinary sanctions.
for the railroad industry, (1) CPCN requirements today regulate
93) SPV subsequently filed an application, in August 2000, to relinquish its CPCN and withdraw completely from providing cable television service in Connecticut.
18) Both Minnesota and South Dakota had regulatory commissions that regulated the company's service territory but did not set rates or issue CPCNs.
The third regression equation contained the independent variables PNGPA, CPCN, and the PNGPA X CP-CN interaction, entered in that order.
Time indeed flies and the company, which has received plenty of equity support from the parent through the years before turning operations around, has its CPCN up for renewal this August.
Then on May 21, 2011, state officials sent Bruner a letter informing him that he had failed to obtain a CPCN and that Wildcat Moving was operating illegally.
The WPSC noted the Stipulation and Agreement in the CPCN hearing on July 31, 2012, without approving the CWIP rider and indicating its preference to consider the rider and total construction cost in a separate proceeding.
Passengers who avail themselves of travel insurance will find it difficult, if not almost impossible, to collect from an insurance firm should the air operator have neither an AOC nor a CPCN, he said.
The CPCN application seeks approval to construct two 280-megawatt combined cycle natural gas-fueled electric generating units to replace its coal plant in Asheville.
With the CPCN having already been received for the U.
Wisconsin Public Service (WPS), a subsidiary of Integrys Energy Group, today applied with the Public Service Commission of Wisconsin (PSCW) for a CPCN to build a 400-megawatt, natural gas-fired, combined cycle generating unit at the site of WPS s Fox Energy Center near Wrightstown, WI.