CPCRCardiopulmonary Cerebral Resuscitation
CPCRCentre for Public Communication Research (UK)
CPCRComputer Program Change Request
CPCRCrew Procedures Change Request (NASA)
CPCRCanadian Prostate Cancer Research (partnership initiative)
CPCRCommissioning Preparation Check Reccord
CPCRConveyor Packing Case Reading (rule)
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cantonensis DNA from experimentally infected rats, University of Sydney, Sydney, Australia) and negative controls by using published cPCR (7) and qPCR (8) protocols.
gondii was identified by cPCR using the primer pair B22 -B23, (31) designed to amplify a 115-bp amplicon from the B1 gene as target.
Calibration calculations were conducted using comparatively CPCR, HPCR, HPLS, and MBPLS methods for the training set data (I = 84 samples).
The mandate of the National Commission for Protection of Child's Rights, which was set up in 2007 under the CPCR Act, is to ensure that all laws, policies, programmes and administrative mechanisms are in consonance with the child rights perspective as enshrined in the Constitution of India.
California Professional Conduct Rule (CPCR) 1-310 prohibits
Moreover, Koike and Kobayashi (2001) concluded that cPCR assays were recently established for three representative ruminal cellulolytic species: F.
And, in 1993, we found out that another one of the things that lay hidden was that a new type of DNA testing was possible--Polymerase Chain Reaction CPCR") analysis--and that the special prosecutor was aware of this in 1989.
Carol Thompson, from Morpeth, joins the Newcastle firm as finance and administration manager after working management consultancy CPCR Ltd for 20 years.