CPCSCommon Part Convergence Sublayer
CPCSCollege of Public and Community Service (various universities)
CPCSCommittee for Public Counsel Services (Massachusetts)
CPCSConstruction Plant Competence Scheme (UK)
CPCSCertified Provider Credentialing Specialist
CPCSCheck Processing Control System
CPCSCabin Pressure Control System (aviation)
CPCSCriminal Possession of a Controlled Substance
CPCSCommon Procedure Coding System (HCFA)
CPCSCall Processing Control System
CPCSCentral Peace Conservation Society
CPCSCommon Program Control Station
CPCSCertified Professional Credentialing Specialist
CPCSCentre for Peace and Conflict Studies
CPCSCenter for Palliative Care Studies
CPCSCalifornia Premier Culinary School (Los Angeles, CA)
CPCSCoast Phase Control System
CPCSCombat Personnel Control System
CPCSCommand Post Counter-Surveillance
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The CPCS consortium has been tasked with carrying out initial technical, financial and legal reviews of Muscat Electricity Distribution Company SAOC that are necessary for a successful completion of the privatization strategy.
As we mentioned earlier, "continuous functioning" is the base, or main feature of PCSs, the purpose of this paper is to propose a primitive SSB-based CPCS that can satisfy the feature continuous functioning, e.
Patrick's proposal we endorse, as does the CPCS, is stepping up efforts to verify an accused person's ability to pay for a lawyer.
The CPCS was established in 1997 and is headquartered at the University of California, San Francisco, Laurel Heights Campus.
The OSAT team delivers NVQ programmes which lead to CSCS or CPCS Certification Schemecards, in: Wood Occupations, Trowel Occupations, Civil Engineering, Plant Operations, Site Supervisors, Painting and Decorating, Fencing.
Both CPCS and CPHC serve vulnerable and economically disadvantaged residents of the central Kenai Peninsula in south-central Alaska, a popular tourist destination for outdoor enthusiasts.
The purpose of our study was, therefore, to test the validity and reliability of the CPCS on a heterogeneous sample of college students who had (decided) or had not (undecided) chosen a career path.
EPA is testing the performance of 12 coatings on older wood and CPCS tested eight coatings on new CCA-treated wood.
The CPCS can be dynamically configured to support three types of PCS layers including Fibre Channel (1.
It is advisable that anyone using or hiring operated construction equipment makes sure that the operator has a CPCS card because, in the event of an accident,insurance companies and the Health and Safety executive will take a dim view if the operator hasn't got one.
Since taking office, Bush has increased fundning for abstinence-only education by 69 percent to $135 million for 2003, nearly $3 million of which will go directly to CPCS.