CPCSDCalifornia Planting Cotton Seed Distributors
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Each cotton boll sample (1.8 kg) was ginned and delinted by small-scale facilities at CPCSD, providing a minimum of 6000 seeds per sample.
"I can teach a person what he or she needs to know about the co-op and the industry," says Van Skike, who is also president of the 1,600-member CPCSD. "But I can't give them the personality that farmers will relate to."
"Growers appreciate a spontaneous call of visit," says CPCSD's Bill Van Skike.
These are Stoneville LA887, Paymaster 1560, and CPCSD Acala Nem-X.
Abbreviations: CPCSD, California Planting Cotton Seed Distributors; HPI, first High Plains population; HP2, second High Plains population; J2, second-stage juveniles; [P.sub.i], initial population; [P.sub.f], final population; SJV, San Joaquin Valley.
CPCSD Acala C-225: A new nematode-resistant Acala variety for California's San Joaquin Valley.