CPCWCenter for Programs in Contemporary Writing (Philadelphia, PA)
CPCWCounty Patrol Camping Weekend (UK)
CPCWConvention on the Prohibition of Chemical Weapons (Russia)
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PP + 40 PP + 50 PP + 60 wt% wood wt% wood wt% wood Trade name NCell 40 ISOFORM LIP WPC-2-mv CPCW 50 Filler content 40 50 60 (wt%) Material Semicrystalline Semicrystalline Semicrystalline structure Melt flow rate 3 5 3.81 (g/10 min) Melt temperature 190 185 190 ([degrees]C) Mold temperature 50 45 50 ([degrees]C) Aspect ratio 1 1 1 (L/D) of Fillers TABLE 3.
Where, [T.sub.CWout] is the chilled water temperature at the outlet of the ice cooling component, which is also the chilled water temperature at the inlet of base chiller; Tcwin is chilled water temperature at the inlet of the ice cooling component; [Q.sub.ice] is the cooling load that needs to be covered by the ice storage system and is determined by Control Module; [M.sub.cw] is chilled water mass flow rate in the chilled water loop; CPcw is the specific heat of chilled water.
The water-cooled CPCW series achieves compactness through use of brazed-plate evaporators and condensers instead of the traditional shell-and-tube type.