CPDBCarcinogenic Potency Database
CPDBCoblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP (law practice; San Francisco, CA)
CPDBClinical Pathway Database
CPDBCommand Position Database
CPDBCharacteristics & Performance Database
CPDBCommon Picture Database
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The fact that the CPDB shows the various clause patterns that a given lexical verb may appear in allows for a thorough analysis of several lexical and syntactic phenomena dealt with in the linguistics classroom (such as ergative, dative and passive alternation) as well as syntactic and lexical ambiguity.
We hope that once publicly available, the CPDB will be especially useful in class.
In addition, it seems worth exploring how to optimise and apply the CPDB in other university courses.
In the presence of RAFT agent CPDB, the polymer molecular weights increase linearly with the monomers conversion and PDIs are lower than 1.
A comparison of the classification in the NCI/NTP and literature parts of the CPDB.
A comparison of the classification with consideration on species and sex in the NCI/NTP and literature parts of the CPDB.
The most frequently used strains in both parts of the CPDB were Fischer F344/N rats and B6C3[F.
Unfortunately, splitting the CPDB in respect to administration routes resulted in data sets too small for a detailed analysis.
The search failed for four compounds because we were unable to identify their structure based on their popular names in the CPDB.
Further mixtures and compounds with impurities were detected by text searches for items such as "mixture" and "pure" in the accompanying files of the CPDB.
The positive side effect was that we were able to detect many mixtures and improperly defined compounds which were not marked as mixtures in the original CPDB.
CORINA was able to provide 3-D structures for all CPDB compounds with SMILES structures.