CPDCLCentral Power Distribution Company Limited (India)
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The most promising technology under present scrutiny is that of CPDCL and trials are underway at the Maastricht UAC.
Last up was the pilot's view, as presented by Professor Bob Mulder, Delft University of Technology, whose opening gambit was: "Can we relieve the impossible task of ATC from the human?" He continued, "enabling technologies (such as CPDCL) yield unprecedented opportunities for changing ATC, increasing the flexibility of existing ATM and improving the allocation of tasks between the air and ground, and between man and machine." Professor Mulder saw "On-line genetic algorithms as a means of optimising schedules by continually considering multiple objectives." In essence, this is a move towards the goal of free flight whereby data is fed to pilots in the cockpit to enable them to make decisions regarding airborne separation and enabling `user-preferred approaches.'