CPDFCentral Personnel Data File
CPDFCumulative Probability Density Function
CPDFCivilian Personnel Data File
CPDFCertified Professional Demand Forecaster
CPDFContinuous Probability Distribution Function
CPDFContinuing Professional Development Framework (various locations)
CPDFCentrifuge Processing Development Facility
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The CPDF is a peace and development program of OPAPP that aims to develop, monitor, and implement conflict-sensitive and peace-promoting livelihood projects.
Social problems that led to the rebellion, the CPDF spokesperson-a former government engineer who went underground after disgruntlement-"is rooted to a rotten system in Philippine society."
Data in OPM's CPDF show that as of September 2007, the overall percentages of women and minorities have increased in the career SES governmentwide, the highest nonpolitically appointed leaders in the federal workforce, and the SES developmental pool for potential successors since September 2003.
Where [f.sub.R](x) is the probability density function (PDF) of the risk loss per unite engineering; [F.sub.R](x) is the cumulative probability distribution function (CPDF) of t the risk loss per unite engineering, is the expected value of the risk loss, is the steepness of the limit line and the constant that determines the position of the limit line.
A 10% random sample of full-time, permanent federal government employees in 1978 and 1980 was drawn from the federal government's Central Personnel Data File (CPDF),which is maintained by OPM.
Most of my analysis relies on a 1 percent random sample of the central personnel data file (CPDF) for each March from 1973 through 1995.
The next section includes evidence on the magnitude of the salary/agency growth relationship using individual personnel records from OPM's Central Personnel Data File (CPDF) for March 1980 and March 1985.
Ja resultados abaixo de 60% de acertos foram considerados indicativos de que a crianca nao teria estabelecida a CPDF. Adotouse a porcentagem de 60% com base na media do valor maximo (100%) que poderia ser atingido pelos sujeitos.
GAO obtained these data from OPM's Central Personnel Data File (CPDF).
The data, which come from the OPM's Central Personnel Data File (CPDF), are only available reliably back to 1988.
Office of Personnel Management (OPM), which maintains a database--the Central Personnel Data File (or CPDF)--with information on nearly two million full-time, permanent, federal, civilian employees.
Data came from the Central Personnel Data File (CPDF), which OPM maintains as the government's central personnel files.