CPDHComisión Permanente de Derechos Humanos (Spanish: Permanent Human Rights Commission)
CPDHCentro Palestino de Derechos Humanos (Spanish: Palestinian Center for Human Rights)
CPDHCoast Plaza Doctors Hospital (Norwalk, CA)
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"We condemn this action, because when [Pastora] says that he's going to form groups of patriots to go around marking the houses of people who've dared call out the violations and abuses of this dictatorial government, this is clearly an act of intimidation," CPDH head Marcos Carmona told reporters.
CPDH is the science of prevention and treatment of oral disease by providing education, assessment, prevention, clinical and therapeutic services in a cooperative working relationship with a consulting dentist without supervision.
Comparison of bull's eye score on MPEG-7 dataset Algorithms Score(%) Hierarchical Procrustes [6] 86.35 Symbolic [33] 85.92 Shape L'Ane Rouge [7] 85.25 IDSC [5] 85.40 Multi-scale Representation [29] 84.93 Polygonal Multi-resolution [30] 84.33 DSW [31] 82.13 Generative Models [19] 80.03 CPDH [9] 76.56 ASD & CCD [32] 76.20 SC [4] 76.51 CSS [18] 75.44 PAF [34] 74.36 WLSD 86.65 Table 3.
La validation de l'ensemble de ces projets a eu lieu, lundi, lors d'une reunion du CPDH presidee par le wali de la region Souss-Massa-Draa, gouverneur de la prefecture d'Agadir Ida Outanane, Mohamed El Yazid Zellou, en presence des elus, des autorites locales, des chefs des services exterieurs, des presidents des comites locaux de developpement humain des communes cibles, des membres des equipes d'animation des quartiers et des representants d'un important tissu associatif.
In total, there were 23 morphological characters chosen that were related to the swimming behaviour and trophic ecology of species: standard length (SL), maximum body height (MBH), body midline height (BMH), maximum body width (MBW), caudal peduncle length (CPdL), caudal peduncle height (CPdH), caudal peduncle width (CPdW), caudal fin height (CH), anal fin length (AL), pectoral fin length (PtL), pelvic fin length (PvL), head length (HdL), head height (HdH), head width (HdW), eye height (EH), mouth height (MH), mouth width (MW), dorsal fin area (DA), caudal fin area (CA), anal fin area (AA), pectoral fin area (PtA), pelvic fin area (PvA) and eye area (EA).
"What we saw was chilling, countless bodies and, on the ground, hundreds of wooden markers with the inscription 'NN' [name unknown] and dates from 2005 to the present," said Jairo Ramirez, executive secretary of the Colombian Comite Permanente por la Defensa de los Derechos Humanos (CPDH), who accompanied the British parliamentarians.
On page 39 of the report the reader will find the bland words, "In August 1985, the CPDH was awarded a $44,000 grant from the National Endowment for Democracy, through PRODEMCA for the translation and distribution of CPDH reports outside of Nicaragua,' with footnotes stating that the National Endowment is a U.S.