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CPDLChoral Public Domain Library
CPDLCanadian Patents and Development, Ltd. (est. 1946)
CPDLCumulative Population Doubling Level
CPDLChristian Patriots Defense League
CPDLCertificate Path Development Library (software; CygnaCom Solutions)
CPDLConverse Propositional Dynamic Logic
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CPDL was established to create a new business park at St Mellons in Cardiff, centred on a new railway station which will service the business park.
Andrew Roberts will take up the position of development director at CPDL and will be responsible for ensuring that the project remains on track for its estimated opening as a fully operational railway station in May 2020.
En el primer grupo se incluyo a 1.347 pacientes, de los que 715 recibieron EMTr activa y 632, EMTr placebo durante 1-5 semanas a una frecuencia de 0,3-10 Hz e intensidad entre el 80 y el 120% de EMTr sobre la CPDL izquierda (30 estudios), CPDL derecha (3 estudios) y CPF bilateral (7 estudios).
During five consecutive passages, CPDL of the cells was linearly increased until fourth passage (P4), but decreased thereafter (Figure 1B).
CPDL contains approximately 8,857 score pages, and 1,245 composer pages from over 320 contributors, The site is updated regularly, with new scores being added almost daily.
Klein et al recientemente demostraron en un estudio controlado la efectividad de EMTr a 1 hz sobre la CPDL derecha (CPDLd) (respuesta del 47 por ciento en el grupo que recibio el tratamiento activo, sobre un 17 por ciento en el grupo placebo).