CPDSContinuing Professional Development Scheme (various organizations)
CPDSConvergencia Para la Democracia Social (Spanish: Convergence Party for Social Democracy, Equatorial Guinea)
CPDSCommunity Planning Development Services (Maryland)
CPDSCentral Panel Display System (aviation)
CPDSComputer Program Development Specification
CPDSComputer Program Design Specification
CPDSCrew Procedures Documentation System (NASA)
CPDSConstruction Project Data Sheet
CPDSCommunications Processing Distribution System
CPDSCDMA Packet Data Subsystem
CPDSChemical Promotion and Development Scheme (India)
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NC: Can you tell us a little about how the CPDs test products before coming to you?
The implementation of the law will prevent such instances from happening," he said, adding that it is important because about 50,000 CPDs and IDPs each are issued annually.
In recent years, many UAE travellers carrying unofficial CPDs have been refused entry to countries like Jordan, Lebanon, Syria and Egypt.
Screening for psychosocial distress amongst war-affected children: Cross-cultural construct validity of the CPDS. Journal of Child Psychology and Psychiatry 50(4), 514-523.
Judeo-Kashani shares the closest affinity with the rest of the CPDs spoken in Kashan province.
* CPDs -19 (76%), NCPDs--22 (46%) and RPDs--4 (33%), p=.017.
Participation of PN in CPD is in line with Pakistan's decision to fight terrorism including maritime crime in all its manifestation, whereby, PN is totally committed to play its due role in maintaining stability and secure environment for un-interrupted flow of vital energy supplies to the world while safeguarding maritime interests of Pakistan.
Ninety-nine of the 100 seats in the assembly went to the PDGE while the opposition party, the Convergence for Social Democracy (CPDS), only received one.
However, this can only be used in situations where the DNA is irradiated and then immediately assayed for CPDs as was the case in the study by Harlow et al, [12].
To support learning there are 21 major enterprise electronic learning CPDs which can give practical, yet supportive, work challenges and enable understanding of new ideas and how to action them.
Visit our booth to learn how CPDS can help your magazine minimize the latest postal rate increase.
Rafael, a tall man with flecks of white in his beard, belongs to the Convergence for Social Democracy (CPDS), the one opposition group that has refused to work with the government.