CPDSConvergencia Para la Democracia Social (Spanish: Convergence Party for Social Democracy, Equatorial Guinea)
CPDSCentral Panel Display System (aviation)
CPDSComputer Program Development Specification
CPDSComputer Program Design Specification
CPDSCrew Procedures Documentation System (NASA)
CPDSConstruction Project Data Sheet
CPDSCommunications Processing Distribution System
CPDSCDMA Packet Data Subsystem
CPDSChemical Promotion and Development Scheme (India)
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As an independent institution, equipped with prominent experts, CPDS conducts a large number of different programmes and courses intended for the ministries of foreign affairs and other governmental and nongovernmental organizations and multinational corporations in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia.
This is one less seat than the 2004 elections that granted the CPDS two seats.
Provision of maintenance VMWARE licenses used for virtualization of the CPDS administration of the Principality of Asturias.
In a recent interview, Andres Esono, communications secretary of the CPDS and candidate standing for election from Malabo for the opposition party, said, "Our platform strives to establish a democratic state and we have 13 key goals that we want to put into practice.
Provision of maintenance VMWARE licenses used for server virtualization the CPDS administration of the Principality of Asturias.
Supply and installation for the replacement of obsolete equipment of the CPDS and IP Network Systems and Information Technology.
By Talgha Bendie, South African activist, CPDS The Gaza Centre for Political and Development Studies (CPDS) hosted a lecture yesterday on Palestinian Human Rights.
Celtic Pharma also announced plans to initiate an imaging study, CPDS 0701, to assess more directly the effects of XERECEPT(R) on PBE.
This was the 22ndlecture CPDS has held so far to raise the awareness of the Palestinian youth and to contribute to the real perception of the Palestinian Cause.
Mahmoud Alhirthani, CPDS chairman, welcomed the participants in a brief speech, hoping they will benefit from the course and thanking all the people who have contributed to making it a success.
The presentation by Mr Fear was one of the best that the CPDS has had to date.