CPDSConvergencia Para la Democracia Social (Spanish: Convergence Party for Social Democracy, Equatorial Guinea)
CPDSCentral Panel Display System (aviation)
CPDSComputer Program Development Specification
CPDSComputer Program Design Specification
CPDSCrew Procedures Documentation System (NASA)
CPDSConstruction Project Data Sheet
CPDSCommunications Processing Distribution System
CPDSCDMA Packet Data Subsystem
CPDSChemical Promotion and Development Scheme (India)
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Table 5 provides biomass values from fishery-independent surveys in 2007 and 2011 and the estimated annual landings for the period 2005-2011 that were derived from pooling estimated landings from the ICS, NUE, and CPDS and BSP data.
The owner of the pharmacy in Malabo, a former CPDS candidate for President, agreed to join the government ranks in January 2011.
Screening for psychosocial distress amongst war-affected children: Cross-cultural construct validity of the CPDS.
Placido Mico was not arrested, but the government accused him and other party leaders of having ties to the detainees and warned that the CPDS could be outlawed.
As an independent institution, equipped with prominent experts, CPDS conducts a large number of different programmes and courses intended for the ministries of foreign affairs and other governmental and nongovernmental organizations and multinational corporations in Europe, Africa, Southeast Asia and Australia.
CPDS tries to explore parallels of global struggles ended long time of injustice with the Palestinian people's cause, which is turning global as time passes.
Following his re-election Obiang formed a government based on national unity encompassing all opposition parties, except for the CPDS, which declined to join after Obiang refused to release one of their jailed leaders.
Source: Harvard CPDS, 9 Bow Street, Cambridge, MA 02138, USA.
The launch is part of a series of events and talks organized by CPDS to further promote the Palestinian cause in the English-speaking world.
By Talgha Bendie, South African activist, CPDS The Gaza Centre for Political and Development Studies (CPDS) hosted a lecture yesterday on Palestinian Human Rights.
This was the 22ndlecture CPDS has held so far to raise the awareness of the Palestinian youth and to contribute to the real perception of the Palestinian Cause.
Renewal of storage units, backup and processing capacity in the CPDS Renfe-Operadora (main and backup)